About Me

Photograph of KC Ryan


Who am I? (2-4-6-0-1)

“Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos.” – Stephen Sondheim

“[KC] enjoys puzzles and manipulative games… [her least favorite activity is] messy painting. (She does not like getting dirty.)” – My pre-school teacher

My name is KC Ryan, I’m a writer and performer currently living in Texas. I grew up in a small town, spending most of my time talking and writing about film, television, and the creative arts, and that obsession has not waned.

I’ve had blogs and articles published online with the goal of introspection, humor and pop culture references, which you can find here. I’ve also written a few scripts, and you can request to look at samples by contacting me here.

Topics of discussion on this blog: personal stories from childhood, deep thoughts about television, movies, theatre, and pop culture. There will also be references to Elaine Stritch for no other reason than I love her.