Remember When Blogs Were Weird?

Branding is a big thing now, right? Building a brand. Using SEO to attract business. Becoming the brand… like a zombie bitten by an Instagram influencer.

You discuss how you, and only you, can help solve a business issue with your services. You used to work for the man, then you became a freelance photographer that traveled the world taking photos of Aquariuses, and now your mission is to teach others your success. Or you’re a mom, and you tell stories about your kids, share recipes, and now you’re in O Magazine talking about the spiritual awakening that came with growing your own brussel sprouts.

And I can’t help but think—and here’s the title for SEO—“Remember when blogs were weird?”

I don’t mean conspiracy theory weird. Honestly, the Reddit forums have that covered. I mean joyously, personally weird that hints at irony but is also highly relatable. They’re still out there, with The Bloggess and the old posts of Hyperbole and a Half. (And Allie Brosh is finally releasing her new book this year.) But man… there are just as many blogs out there trying to sell me on personal development courses.

Sometimes I just want to read about someone’s irrational fear of bears in roller skates. Followed by a drawing of a bear in roller skates.

It’s a bear on roller skates wearing a crop top and pink shorts. So cute.

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