Visual Arts

As a little girl, I was obsessed with animated movies–everything from Warner Brothers to Disney to Don Bluth. I was in awe of the hand-drawn cartoon medium and that’s what inspired me to pick up a pen when I was still in the single-digits. My aesthetic has developed into a fun blend of cartoon, cute, and quirk. My favorite pieces involve a minimum of one color (usually blue) up to a maximum of three because I love building limitations that will shift my perception to create more interesting work.

Ink and Brush Pen

My preferred medium outside of digital is ink and brush pen. I think nothing is more striking than a black line on white. It allows the viewer to fill in the gaps with their own color preferences. When I work with pen, my philosophy is that of Nathan Lane’s character in The Birdcage: While everything may mostly be in black, “one does want a hint of color.”

Original Digital Drawings (Procreate)

Procreate has become one of the best apps for artists, and for good reason. Below are some original works I have created within it, indulging in my penchant for the silly.

Instastory Doodles

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in possession of an Apple Pencil, must be in want of a more interesting Instagram account. Rather than repeatedly show off videos of my dog, I use the limited tools of Instagram’s story feature to create fun portraits and comics. It fits in with my idea that limitations can really stretch both skill and imagination.


I have to admit that I think calligraphy and hand-lettered quotes are a little cheesy. I love the beauty, I think it’s a valuable skill for an illustrator. But it does not fit in with my own aesthetic. So I began hand-lettering more edgy phrases in addition to the more mainstream-friendly ones. Playing with the contrast of elegance and grit has been very rewarding.

I’m a Huge Fan

In my experience, a lot of artists learn to draw and develop their style because they are fans of something or participate in a fandom community. I believe that identity should be honored and on display. Especially in an age where buying tickets for Comic Con has become an online gladiator event.

TV to Book Cover Project

In late April, I began working on a weekly TV to Book Cover project to build my illustration skills. After taking the Skillshare class for illustrated lettering for designing book covers, I decided I wanted to play more with that. But I’m also an avid TV-watcher, and I re-imagine my favorite series as books.